You CAN Overcome Thyroid Dysfunction

If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, the problem could be your thyroid:

  • mood swings
  • brain fog
  • depression
  • digestive issues
  • insomnia
  • hair loss
  • inability to lose weight

  • Your thyroid is considered your "master metabolism gland" because it is intimately connected to every bodily function.

    The first step in reversing autoimmune conditions, including thyroid issues, is to heal your gut. Eat lean, organic, pasture-raised, hormone-free meat and other animal products, as well as organic produce. Avoid endocrine-disrupting ingredients and compounds. Make sure you're getting quality sleep because that is when your hormones sync up and your body heals as a whole.

    Listen in as Amy Myers, MD joins Dr. David Friedman to discuss all things thyroid, including solutions and tips from her book, The Thyroid Connection.


    Host: Dr. David Friedman