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The Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

By: Dr. David Friedman on Yahoo Health: Hand Sanitizers Pose Health Risk

They come in all sizes and are available everywhere. Mothers carry them in the purses. Store counters display them by the cash register. They are even found inside grocery stores and near the meat department and can be purchased with a belt attachment to keep it handy all the time. So, what is the national fascination with hand sanitizers these days?

When it comes to this waterless method of disinfecting, Dr. David Friedman is no fan. The products are in wide-spread use at home, school and the workplace mainly because of its promise to kill 99.9 percent of all germs and do so without the need of water and a towel. In other words, it’s just plain convenient.

“That’s absolutely untrue,” Friedman said. “There are a whole list of germs that are unaffected by using hand sanitizers.”

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